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Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare

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Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare

All the controls from the original game are still present and correct, so those that have played it will feel right at home.  Those that haven’t played the original can pick it up rather quickly.  It should also be pointed out that you do not need to own the original to play the disc version of Undead Nightmare. Naturally, the game has the player running around a bit more, since the undead hordes are unarmed there is no need to duck for cover.  A steady aim is also required – ammunition is low, so as a result it is advisable to take out the undead with a single bullet to the head if you can.

Red-Dead-Redemption-Undead-Nightmare-Pack-Screenshots-Rockstar have done a fantastic job in giving the game a horrific make over and have clearly done their research into what makes a horror story so enjoyable. This is immediately evident from the Vincent Price-style voice over featured in the opening cut scene.  From the offset, you know things are going to get creepy and more importantly, insanely fun. Undead Nightmare has its tongue so firmly in its cheek, the whole experience is almost comical. From the one-liners courtesy of the main hero, to the “stating the bloody obvious” quotes from the next undead victim, Rockstar’s twisted sense of humour is stamped all over the game.

Graphically, the game is still very strong and very much looks the part it did when it first came out.  Naturally, it’s had a bit of a creepy makeover, with the towns and villages looking a bit run down.

Undead_HunterWhen thinking of any issues with the game, I struggle – the best I can come up with is the fact that the undead are not slow wandering kind like in a George A. Romero movie, but more like the kind in 28 Days Later but the only other problem is the combat.  A minor issue being that it can be repetitive, with the key to surviving the nightmare often relying on John to run away for a bit, only to turn back and shoot the undead from a distance.These are not zombie games for kids so be careful who is in your surrounding.

However, with its sheer charm and wit, I can’t recommend Undead Nightmare enough.  It is exciting, funny and horrific, proving that almost any gaming genre can be improved by adding a horde of zombies.


The best girly apps and games you can find on your Iphone

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The best girly apps and games you can find on your Iphone


Playing games on your mobile, whether it was Android or Iphone, is a great way to fill up your free time and never to be bored again. Playing a game can relax you and it can easily become a mandatory part of your everyday life, if it is not already. When you find something you like to play it can become a great part of your life, if you are looking for something like that, here are a few suggestions for you that will surely bring the fun into your life.

kkiponeKim Kardashian: Hollywood is the Iphone app, that thrilled millions of people and if you are a fan of Kim Kardashian, even better for you. Your goal in this game is to become the most popular Hollywood star, to do that you have to lead your life as Kim would which means non-stop photo shootings, parties and working. Naturally partying can bring you more stars than working, since you are a star and you have to appear everywhere. Kim Kardashian Hollywood energy cheat or tips and tricks can be found everywhere around the internet and they can improve your score in this game.

Even though Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game is one of the most popular nowadays, there are some equally interesting applications for not so big fans of this celebrity.

Stardom: Hollywood is similar to Kim’s game as you already can see by its name, but the plot of this game is a little different though. Your goal is to become the most popular actress in the world of Hollywood, to do that you will have to take roles in many movies and commercials even, you will have a possibility of dating other Hollywood star, but Hollywood life is not so perfect, you will have to let paparazzi photo shoot your every move, even when you are on some personal events such as dating. Stardom has another part so called Stardom:

A-list the goal in this game is a little different and it is to become an international star, parties are mandatory to do this, getting rich is not easy at all in this game.

2125427-169_glamfever_ot_ios_022713Glam fever, similar to previous two is also a girly and interesting app for your Iphone. The first thing you will need to do is create your character and then go on a hunt for hot guys and interesting work place. Shopping and changing your outfits is inevitable if you want to be a world class celebrity and successful businesswoman. Going on the dates with a bunch of guys until you find the perfect one is one of the options this game offers. Glam Fever unlike the other two can be played on both Android and Iphones, all you need to do is visit your App Store or your Google Play Store and download it from there.

Girly games are numerous and you can probably find something you like on your own, while browsing your App Store – however, these games are what everybody should try just to see what the obsession is about.



Tips and tricks for playing Hungry Shark Evolution

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Tips and tricks for playing Hungry Shark Evolution


Hungry Shark is a fun arcade game, adventure in the depths of the ocean, with a possibility to even get out of the water for a while. It offers a high-quality design and animation, over 70 missions for the sharks to fulfill, as well as various additional features. The combination of these features is what makes this game quite addictive and popular, and it is the only sequel of the Hungry Shark series which is regularly updated by Future Games of London. It is the fifth part of the series, also the most complex one, since it has involved many features, types of sharks and missions which have not been present in any of the previous installments. iTunes and Google Store both offer this game for download, and it was rated 4.5 in both stores. Additionally, there are plenty of copies of this sequel of the game, and Hungry Shark series in general, which s only another way we can confirm how popular it is.hungrysharkevolution

The game offers a range of different sharks. You begin with the smallest, the weakest one, and as you play, you get to evolve or buy the more powerful shark. Since gems and coins are needed to buy the new sharks, as well as many other items of the game (such as weapons, baby sharks and the like), they are the most valuable item of the game and it is important to collect as many of them as you can. There are several ways to collect the coins easily, and the simplest way is by watching the promotional videos which will sometimes be offered for watching before you start the game. It only takes a few seconds of your time, and it can reward you with the coins you need for the game. Another easy way to getting free coins is liking the Facebook page of the game, which also requires only a few seconds. Then, within the game itself, there is a treasure chest you can visit every day for a rich coin and gem reward.

The reward is bigger and bigger every day for five days, and then the cycle starts from the beginning on the sixth day. Another way of getting coins within the game is taking advantage of the Gold Rush, when everything you eat is golden and it brings you coins. During the Golden Rush, you should eat everything on your way, and it can bring you an insane amount of coins. If you want an easier access to the coins and gems, you can sign up for cheat codes for hungry shark evolution, which is a generator creating these valuables for your game, which you can use to buy all the features you need.


When it comes to the game-related tips, first of all – keep in mind that only Megalodon Shark can eat boats, mines, jellyfish and other objects that harm all other types of sharks. Therefore, before you own this shark, do not attempt to eat these objects. Then, buying a baby shark is a smart move because they swim along with the main shark and help with all the obstacles that may be in your way.

Remember, it takes coins to purchase all the additional features, therefore try using the techniques described above for earning coins, in order to make your game easier, more successful and above all – more fun.

The best free MMORPG games for Android

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The best free MMORPG games for Android



Google Play Store offers many games of different genres, and role-playing multiplayer games or MMORPG are particularly popular. This acronym is well known among gamers, and it denotes a video game in which the player creates and develops a virtual character, all this in a world where there are thousands of other characters backed by players from around the world. Most Android games of this type are available for free download and use, and with additional payment there are different accessories available, from certain amount of virtual money to special promotions for your hero.

Here are some of the best and the most popular games of this type.

  1. Arcane Legends

This game gives you a choice between a robber, a wizard or a warrior, and the ability to befriend or conflict with a large number of players who are actively using Arcane Legends. There is also the option of joining gangs and fighting one on one, and the game also has a single player mode.

  1. Avabel Online20s

Avabel is one of the most popular games due to a number of innovations that are constantly appearing within it. In addition to standard content, such as the development of the virtual character or going on missions, there is a unique “chaos in the tower,” when there are 1,000 players at the same place, but there are also many other innovative options.

  1. Dark Legends

Most of the MMORPG games are located or in the medieval times or the world of elves and dwarves. But not Dark Legends, in which the main role is given to vampires. High-quality graphics highlights this specificity, and the players have the opportunity to enjoy the game alone or with more than one million people who have downloaded it so far.

  1. Star Legends

If you are not interested in the dungeons and castles, Star Legends moves popular gaming system into the starry expanse. All the characters are adjusted to a different setting, so you can find yourself in the role of engineers, master or operatives, and there are also futuristic weapons and items.

  1. Order & Chaos Onlineorderandchaos-bigpatch-epl-410-1365632863

This game is, according to many, the best MMORPG game currently in the Google Play Store. Just look at the numbers and you will understand why: five different races, 2,500 skills to develop and 5,000 object possible to interact with. There is also a ranking list, just to know whether you are among the best.

  1. Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is already a cult in the industry of Android games. One of the earliest titles of MMORPG genre is still vital and popular. Its gameplay is high and the graphics reminds of the cartoons, so it is recommended for those who play these types of games for the first time, as well as for gamers who want to play less demanding games.

  1. Ragnarok: Path of Heroes

Smartphone variation of the PC game is equally tempting. In addition to the normal development of the character, missions and one on one battles, Ragnarok: Path of Heroes includes a unique “auto party” system, which creates a company for the player when it is difficult to find it online. Due to its visual style, it is a great choice for anime fans.

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